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  • We invest in and work with good people
  • We protect the environment
  • We consider the social impact of our actions
  • We share knowledge, ideas and thoughts openly
  • We work as a team
  • We do not exploit anyone or anything

In the News

25/04/2017: Business group sees Nelson’s potential to become New Zealand’s Silicon Valley

Startup Weekend Nelson 2017

Startup Weekend Nelson is back for it’s 3rd round! - Fri, 5:30pm, 8 Sept - Sun, 10 Sep, 8:00pm

Tickets and details on Eventbrite

Location: T Block (T301) Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT), 69 Nile Street, Nelson, 7010

Startup Weekend in Nelson is in it’s 3rd year and we are super stoked to have a few of the teams from the first Startup Weekend still going. We have seen many of you come through other events throughout the years and we are so proud to see that Startup Weekend has had a significant impact to many people in the Nelson region.

So, what is it all about? In short, take a weekend off, it’s going to be rainy anyway, and join other people learning and having fun building a company in a weekend. We often hear “I have nothing to offer” or “This is not for me” from those that after the weekend are the most keen to carry on realising their ideas and coming around to our follow up events. If you want to learn more about yourself and about a fun way to learn for a weekend with a lot of fun people then Startup Weekend is for you - even if you never thought of yourself as an entrepreneur and the word “startup” does not really resonate with you.

We will guarantee you fun, tons of learning that you can apply in day to day life and maybe we even get one or two companies that carry on.

For all event details, please visit

Any questions, please email the team at


Scheduled Events

Startup Weekend - 8 - 10 September 2017

Build a business in a weekend. Share ideas, form teams, build products, and launch startups. No sleep, lots of coffee. More information to come.

All details here:

Past Events

TEDx Wellington in Whakatu - 18 June 2017

Yes! You read it right: TEDx Wellington is coming to Nelson!

On the 18th of June, we’ll be live streaming the full day TEDxWellington event, plus offering the local community an exclusive experience, speakers, workshops, and more!

Free tickets become available on 12th June, 1pm here:

Google IO Extended - Fri. 19 May 2017, 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm

For the first time in Nelson, a I/O Extended event will be organised to recap all of the major announcements and talk about what’s new in the Google world. Tickets and location:

FOUNDERS.TALK Be inspired to start your own Business - 27 April 2017, 6:00pm

If you ever thought of creating your own business this is your opportunity to take the next step.

4 entrepreneurs will tell you their story and experience to give you the best start possible and our keynote speaker will take you along his journey to build better businesses for a better world.

  • Hear about working techniques that help small businesses tackling the big players
  • Get relevant tips and tricks from people who run successful businesses in Nelson
  • Get a head start - each speaker will let you know what they wish they knew at the beginning
  • Realise you can do it
  • Find like minded people and meet the network put this event together to bring you one step closer to your dream, to motivate you to jump out of bed each morning to work on your idea. Sign up on Eventbrite


We meet in Nelson every Wednesday from 5:30pm (ish) at Prince Albert

1st Wednesday of each month - Founder Hacks. Founder.hacks is all about tools, hacks and street fight economics. We are talking about the things we use to build and run businesses that are not taught in business school but are used every day.

2nd Wednesday of each month - Founder Social. is all about social enterprise. Learn about creating businesses that address social and ecological issues.

3rd Wednesday of each month - Founder Expert. is about quality Q&A time with someone who is a leader in specific fields related to running your business such as law or accounting. You’ll get to ask an expert about tricky issues you’re dealing with in your business.

4th Wednesday of each month - Founder Stories. Founder.stories is all about stories from founders from our region, their journey, their experience and their learnings.

5th Wednesday of each month - Founder Drinks. Not all months are created equal. Sometimes there will be 4 meetups a month, sometimes there will be 5. When there is a 5th week we’ll meet for a drink and a chat about what’s going on in your business. Bring your thoughts, grab a drink and bounce your ideas off

*Our schedule is flexible, and we have regular special events. The best way of staying up to date with the changing schedule is by signing up on our Meetups Page *


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