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At local.foundation, we support local initiatives and grassroots movements to build strong, vibrant communities. Our platform connects people, organisations, and resources to ignite positive change at the local level.

unveiling ecosystem pathways :
Together, we aim to disrupt the way ecosystems connect and grow, through the exploration of well-trodden paths of successful and thriving community journeys. Stay tuned for more coming soon!
Together, we are building the next generation of
role models who will continue to support and
inspire others.
Meetup Organizer
Community Builder
Ecosystem Developer
How we.Support Communities
Foster easy access: Accessible co-working spaces, digital platforms and organised events connect people and resources.
Fostering Contribution: Training, mentorship, and volunteerism foster a mindset of giving back to community projects.
Creating a Trust Environment: Legal, administrative, and financial support ensures that participants feel safe and valued.
Sustaining participation: Ongoing support, recognition of achievements, and identification of role models inspire continued commitment.
Youth Focus: Youth-specific programmes, engaging activities and mentoring opportunities empower young people to become future community leaders.
Build your space
We provide community builders, programme
operators and founders with the tools to cultivate
and sustain resilient start-up communities.
With the local.foundation platform, you can manage events and communities, facilitate workshops, and also create a space where we will support you in nurturing your communities.
Ecosystem Pathways
Through our platform, you’ll have access to a dedicated section we created, showcasing pathways from known paths others have walked on, to showcase opportunities on the ecosystem.
1:1 Mentoring and Coaching
We provide programs and guide people to flourish in their founder mentality.

let’s build meaningful communities

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